The Dirty Side of Brazil

August 25, 2016

The Dirty Side of BrazilYou have probably heard of the stories, maybe even read articles about the situation occurring in Brazil, the sad living condition of the favelas. Like every country, especially third world country, there are good and bad, and the news tends to cover mainly the positive side of things. (I’m talking about the world cup. Painted picture or butterflies and rainbows)

As you guys may know, I recently visited a place called Fernando De Noronha, located on an isolated island in Brazil (The positive side of things) and right after, I made my way to the famous city of Rio De Janeiro, where there are thousands of tourists every year. Now this is where I saw the ugly, dirty side of Brazil. And unlike the news, I plan on leaking it all out… So buckle up…

The first thing I noticed was; the closer you get to the favelas, the dirtier things get. I mean, every country has it’s trashed allies, but in comparison to San Diego, the place is bad! I’m what most people call a clean freak. I take two showers, one in the morning and one before bed, and brush my teeth three times a day… I need my house cleaned at least twice a month by Chula Vista House Cleaning (They do an excellent job by the way!), so you can image how I felt walking into a trashed neighborhood.

The Poor Infrastructure Keeps The Slums Paralyzed

Favela HousesLocated in the hillsides, right above the urban rich area where most middle classes reside. The favelas are places where there are no rent requirements. You’ll find houses built from scratch by the residents read more

Why Okinawans Hate Americans

August 24, 2016

It might be surprising, with the plethora of information available these days, that a lot of people are uneducated on world events, the history of different cultures or even other languages. About a third of Americans don’t even read the news on a daily basis. Shocking right? I’m surprised you’re even reading this. Since we’re talking statistic, did you know that the average American reads less than one book a year? It’s no wonder why some people of other nations view Americans with such disdain. Don’t, believe me, read the news.

“One rotten apple spoils the bunch.”

Okinawa and AmericaFor the other two-thirds of you, who will believe what I am saying as the truth, I’ll tell you that I’ve seen this attitude toward Americans first hand while serving in the military. Now first off, let me make myself clear – I love the United States and have complete respect for my brothers and sisters in arms. However, despite countless hours of cultural awareness training, there is read more

Fernando De Noronha – Island in Brazil

August 17, 2016

Fernando De NoronhaEver wanted to visit a tropical land in South America? You know, something nice but that also has a bit of interesting history behind it?

Brazil, now this a country that couldn’t get any more tropical if you were to ask me. I found a discounted ticket on Trip Advisor website and decided to visit a small yet historic island off the coast of Brazil called Fernando De Noronha. The first thing you’ll notice as you arrive is the beautiful clear blue waters, soft sand and the animals living freely among the tourist. read more