About Me


What’s up, everybody?  My name is Jesus from Los Angeles California, yes I love the weather and the women  (the First thing people ask me).

I grew up with someone selling me the dream of traveling the world with two blondes and a brunette. Well, I skipped the blondes but kept the brunette and visited a few countries in two years. I guess you can say I’m living my dream to some extent… Had I kept the blondes, I wouldn’t have said “I guess” in the beginning of this sentence.

But with all seriousness, I never thought that by the age of 23, I would have traveled five different countries, and four states within the US. This is exciting and I look forward to sharing with you guys, all of my cool adventures.

I am huge on self-development, and strongly believe it played a big part in my success in accomplishing some of my goals so far in my journey.

I will keep this blog fresh and filled with useful knowledge and all of the experiences I had over the years I spent traveling. Also, everything that is unfolding in my life currently! Check out my latest post click here