The Secret to Brainstorming by Walking

September 23, 2017

If ever you wondered how to learn to brainstorm in your head by walking, getting by the Chula Vista Bayside Park works wonders. That is because meditation does not happen by staying put at home alone anymore.

The best thing about this brainstorming method is you have a new excuse to walk around the area to clear your head for your next big project. The Chula Vista Bayside Park was an easy suggestion as it is a park close to one of the calming areas possibly found this side of the state.

Walking slow enough lets you view the bars and restaurants one by one.

You are not bar-hopping. At least not yet. But one vital element that most casual walkers by the bay miss are the opportunity to passively observe business at its peak hours. And that’s why some writers would rather be walking on a strip to see which bars are raking in the folks and which bars don’t attract as much.

Of course, you don’t walk too slow that you become obvious to some waiters by the doorway to market their pub. Looking around is part of the game. Making mental notes on which bars to write about help in getting your next batch of restaurant reviews in tow.That is if you are a home-based writer whose niche is in the restaurant industry.

Slowing down to walk as to not scare off the fowls.

The sight of fowls by the bay sometimes gives locals an idea about the ecology that thrived in this side of Chula Vista. If you are a blogger currently checking out the calm side of the Bayside Park, you can present it best on your blog by snapping some shots of these fowls chilling by the bay.

Stock photos are good. But with smartphones bragging about the latest snapshot technology at your fingertips, you can use it to take pictures of these tame birds yourself. Share some of these photos at your blog while pitching the non-used images at your favorite royalty-free image sharer.

Try doing this for a week before finally moving into your dream home this side of California. Having an idea of the peaceful quiet that the bay brings starts by brainstorming for ideas. Instead of brainstorming at home, do it by the bayside. Side effects include additional creativity.



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