Work & Reward Yourself

October 25, 2016

Everyone has to work for a living, but not everybody enjoys what they do. A lot has to do with how they reward themselves after a long 40 plus hours of work.

Work hard but have something that you’re working for.. Otherwise, things get boring, work becomes an obligation instead of something to look forward to every morning.

Since we are destined to work for the rest of our lives, it is much easier to first: Find something you love and become great at it. And second; reward yourself for the work you do. Even with a shortage of money, you can always pat yourself on the back somehow. If funds are tight, set aside a time of the week where you spend quality time with family playing board games, watching movies and other activities that don’t require money.

Earlier this year I had spent so much money doing minor things and spending on activities and things of small value. What I decided to do, in turn, was lower my spending on fast food, weekend beers with the boys and other unnecessary expenses. I saved quite a bit of money, enough to take a trip out of state by the of the year with my girlfriend.

Plan in advance to make it happen! In my case, I bought the tickets as soon I had enough saved. I had promised myself I wouldn’t go on a trip until I fixed the water heater leak I had for months… So I contacted a very knowledgeable Plumber in La Mesa and got it fixed a few weeks before the trip. By planning in advance, I was able to take a laptop with me and work while traveling. It was the best feeling, sitting on the balcony of a hotel room working on my computer, enjoying a beautiful beachfront view.

It is your life you’re living, and work is a big part of your life. In that case, love what you do, and become great at what you do. Reward yourself, and your family at every opportunity.


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