Fernando De Noronha – Island in Brazil

August 17, 2016

Fernando De NoronhaEver wanted to visit a tropical land in South America? You know, something nice but that also has a bit of interesting history behind it?

Brazil, now this a country that couldn’t get any more tropical if you were to ask me. I found a discounted ticket on Trip Advisor website and decided to visit a small yet historic island off the coast of Brazil called Fernando De Noronha. The first thing you’ll notice as you arrive is the beautiful clear blue waters, soft sand and the animals living freely among the tourist.


Discovered in the year of 1503 by Américo Vespúcio, an Italian explorer, the land has been known mainly for its volcano origin and disconnect from the mainland. The island popularly visited by tourist from all over the world was at on point a land used to impression and detain convicted felons of Brazil.

Beautiful Animals

When first founded, the Island had mainly birds and reptiles of all sorts. Some popular birds from Fernando De Noronha are Cattle Egret, Noronha Elaenia and Noronha Vireo, a minuscule, green bird that can be seen resting in the tree branches if you pay close attention. These birds are stated to resemble nothing like the rail located on the mainland of Brazil.

If you are planning on going anytime soon, and love dolphins as much as I do… I would highly recommend a good old fashion snorkel in the clear waters. You can see dolphins swimming openly in the waters, as they come out during the daytime after feeding in the open ocean at night. (You can watch from afar but cannot swim amongst them) Also big and small sea turtles, reef sharks, rays and all of the other animals, will surely enhance your trip’s experience.

What To Expect

Well, first and foremost; make sure to schedule ahead of time, as the spots are filled rather quickly, and the amount of people allowed on the island is under 500. So make your plans early on to avoid disappointment!

Also bring your sunscreen, the tan is inevitable; you can’t escape the Brazilian heat. (Worth it, in my opinion, my girlfriend loved it)


Fernando De Noronha

Fernando De Noronha


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